OR VEGETAL will satisfy you as much by the quality of its flowers as by the variety and the originality of its collections. We create the seasons of the Béarn interiors, through contemporary works, by working the container and the contents in a visual and charismatic simplicity. Purification, fluidity and brilliance are the key words that guide our creations.




A whole range of flower references will be proposed to you - the graceful orchid, the shining peony, the camellia with the haute couture vaults - so many creations truer than nature which give to the halls, tables and reception rooms, the welcoming freshness of a garden.


Exotic, spring or country, resolutely original, refined or sophisticated according to the tastes of our customers, our floral creations will dress your interiors in a contemporary way.


Orchards, foliage from here and elsewhere, succulent, OR VEGETAL likes to discover new plants without forgetting the stars flowers: roses, peonies, lilies ... Each order of flowers is the subject of attention constant and permanent, to the greatest satisfaction of our customers. From packaging to final delivery ...



OR VEGETAL offers a whole range of plants - foliage, trees or shrubs - that offer both indoor and outdoor gardens a graphic harmony and contemporary elegance.


Enjoy an exuberant nature in your home, surprising in heat and fragrance. From living frames hanging in the living room to enchanting green walls - true vertical gardens - adorning facades and interiors, these fresh and original sculptures will adorn your walls for a guaranteed bucolic atmosphere.


We are dedicated to offering the most original living frames and green walls while preserving the naturalness of the plants used. Give a new dimension to your love for urban gardening: with the right system and efficient planning, you can have green and beautiful walls bringing a rural atmosphere to a wide variety of places.


Let Yourself Get Carried Away by A Whirlwind of Colors

Offering flowers to a loved one or having fun has never been easier. We offer flowers & plants with simple and elegant packaging. No bad surprise, our prices are affordable, thanks to a simple and effective approach.

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02, Cordeliers Street

64000, Pau

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Tuesday - Saturday / from 10 am to 1pm & from 2pm to 7pm


Flowers are works of Nature and are seasonal. Our guarantee is to make every effort to create our arrangements as pictured, however, please believe that our experienced florists will select beautiful flowers as close to your selection as needed and will contact you to offer you the best possible adaptations.


Designed By Brainstorm Studio
Designed By Brainstorm Studio
Designed By Brainstorm Studio


Buy your flowers online and pick them up straight from the store, when it's most convenient.