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Located close to Place Clemenceau and its department stores, OR VEGETAL welcomes you in the center of Pau in its bright space devoted to floral art and plant decoration. Welcome to the land of the eternal ephemeral: a world of imagination, with an original and inexhaustible inspiration, dedicated to the floral and vegetable art.



The universe of Or Vegetal breathes sensitivity and emotion where the language of flowers rhymes with passion. Your Florist Craftsman is at your service to marry shapes and colors in compositions that nourish its reputation.


All our creations are made to reflect our Passion and the ambitions of our customers. It is in a warm atmosphere that throughout the year, according to the seasons, we realize new compositions more imaginative, more spicy, more modern , at the forefront of current trends.


"The ideal composition ?

The one we notice. Each composition is a jaunty.

She exists to be admired it is a star ... "

"Each plant must be charismatic.

They have a role to play in a public space or an interior.

She brings color and life, freshness and fragrance. "

"A good bouquet is a bouquet that lives,

changes color, fades while remaining beautiful.

Fugitive and beautiful, until the last day ... "



We work with flowers because they speak to us. We create compositions for our clients because they need flowers to speak on their behalf. We tell their stories through the seasons, such as messengers of mother nature during a dreamlike poetic adventure.


Between our fingers are born magically the sweetest stories, the most secret, the most beautiful gleaned over gardens, meadows, woods.


Are you a journalist, influencer, artist or company and you think we could collaborate? With pleasure ! Do not hesitate to contact us by specifying your request and we will get back to you qs soon qs possible.

Or Vegetal and Blossom

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Blossom is a magazine palois (2 issues a year, spring / summer & autumn / winter collections) that talks about people and their work, a concentrate of emotions, humans and sharing ... And it is with pleasure that we we have opened the universe of Or Vegetal. Do not hesitate to discover us in the last issue of the magazine.

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