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Our Flower of the month: Let's celebrate Peonies!

If you want to make a statement this season, peonies are definitely an ideal choice. With their extravagant, tousled blooms, volumes and sweet scents, there is nothing not to love about these glorious summer flowers.

May - a month which welcomes an abundance of flowers, but there is one stem whose return truly sets hearts aflutter. From late April the peony, celebrated for it’s frothy, layered petals begins to make its highly anticipated appearance. Show-stopping in mono-floral bouquets or nestled amongst bodacious urn arrangements - whichever guise the flower takes it is likely to steal the spotlight! Fans of the pom-pom bloom rejoice - there are numerous varieties to marvel, from single-petaled specimens to triple-decker darlings. Meet just some of our favourites...

Peonies are some of the most popular flowers for summer weddings, they are also the 12th wedding anniversary flower, and are the symbol of good fortune and a long and prosperous marriage.

And the peony season has only just begun! Keep an eye on your peony bouquets: they could reappear on our Facebook account with You featured!


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